The Fun of Flirting

One of the healthiest interactions between men and women is flirting. It can make them feel good about themselves, but it helps them realize they can give that feeling to another person. Going to the beach with friends for a day or a week is often a time when it is an expected activity. For those willing to engage in it, the fun of flirting never needs to be serious. It is simply a way to communicate with those of the opposite sex without any promises made by either party.

A smile and a wink are generally what sets off a pair of people flirting, and it can turn into a verbal joust. For those who feel less than comfortable trying to come up with witty comebacks, staying with the winks and smiles is an acceptable activity. People choosing that method may smile at a person first, and then they will wink when a smile is returned to them. The next step in the game is to turn away before looking back. Continuing the byplay is all part of what makes the world turn.

For those who are practiced in the art of verbal flirting, it can be a time of great joy. They may have nothing more in mind than setting a happy tone for their day, so they will keep their words light and casual. While it is permissible to ask for a date, accepting an excuse with good humour is also expected. There may be an excuse, or there could just be a shrug and a head shake.

Couples have been flirting for many years, and it appears there is no reason for them to stop. While many have found the relaxed atmosphere at the beach is perfect for this type of byplay, it can also be done right at home. Walking through the local park or sitting in a coffee shop are also places where flirting can be fun.