Leaving a Summer Love Behind

There are few things in life that are comparable to leaving someone who is loved and cherished behind, and it often occurs when two people meet in circumstances that will limit their time together. Often the mainstay of a romantic movie, few couples who meet during summer vacation find their way back to each other during the following year. Each person has the bittersweet memory of leaving a summer love behind, and they must reconcile their current life with their loss. It is not always easy, but fitting into a completely different life is not always possible.

Couples who meet each other during a summer vacation are often from widely separated locations, so meeting again is not always a given. The easy availability of inexpensive travel might give them an opportunity to find each other in their normal lives, but it would not necessarily make their relationship work. Meeting again could stop them from settling back into their normal lives, and it could bring up dissatisfactions they would not normally find.

The world has become smaller in many ways with the advent of electronics, and couples who meet during a vacation have a good chance of communicating online if they choose. It will not necessarily give them an opportunity to meet each other physically, but they can retain their relationship in some manner. They must face the possibility that the person they fell for during vacation could meet someone else, and they could still lose even the friendship as the other person decides it is best to break off all contact.

Falling in love with someone during a vacation is one of the hazards of leaving a normal life, and it can be emotionally expensive for both people involved. While it might seem that working hard to stay together will make things better, it could cause more damage than ending it cleanly when the vacation is over.