A Summer Day at the Beach

There is nothing better than a summer day spent relaxing at the beach. The sun is hot, the sand burns and the water is just cool enough to give relief from the heat. There is a pleasant breeze wafting off of the water. It is perfect to fly a kite or run a sailboard through the waves. Best of all, there is plenty of beautiful skin showing. No one goes to the beach during the summer and covers up.

Beaches are made for baring as much skin as possible. Tanning and letting the heat soak into the body are the reasons many people plan an entire day there. They bare as much as the law will allow and revel in the sunshine like ancient pagans. This is advertising on a grand scale without an option to buy. After a long day at the beach, a fuck buddy is a necessity to relieve pressure.

Summer days at the beach mean hunting for a date. These safaris are not always successful. Fuck buddies know this and are available to help the disappointed hunter. They are available to relieve the physical pressure and make the sour feelings of a bad hunt go away. There is no commitment with them, and they are just happy when they give and receive physical relief.

The summer is often a time when seriousness takes a back seat. Having a person to share casual sex is the perfect complement to a summer day. Like the sunshine, they glow with their ability to relax a body with warmth. Fortunately, they are there even when the sun goes down. The bright light to a dark night or add warmth to a sunny day when the breeze is too strong for comfort. Their role is to be there without the dreary drizzle of commitment.